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Crafting an abundantly active and healthy over 60 lifestyle!

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Hi! ​ ​ Thanks for stopping by. You are probably looking to solve a problem, or you are looking for information, right? 

We are here to make it easier for you.

First, a little about us, so can start to get to know us, then helping you to find the answeres you are  looking for.

Wow! We are on our Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle! Robin, that’s me, retired from a very stressful job in Juvenile Corrections (working graveyard) and Rick (my husband) will be retiring from his Associate Professor position at our local University.  

A few years ago, I was almost laid off, for the 3rd  time in 10 years!  We realized it was time for us to look for an income “Plan B”. 

We choose to start our business (“Feel So Alive Marketing Group”), part time, in spare moments, partnering with the Shaklee Corporation. Do you know they have been around for over 50+ years?

We looked at the business plan Shaklee has to offer, and said YES! Do you know some one who is looking for another stream of income?  

We are looking for a person who is smart, who can see the big picture, and who wants to have a healthy lifestyle.

Someone who cares about the kinds of products they use for themselves and their families? Does this sound like someone you know?  I’m asking, because I know that you know people that I don’t know.

Being sick, have you ever added up the costs of being sick? It’s just too expensive. It’s cheaper to stay well, than try to get well!

Two years ago, Rick came home from the Doctor and was told to lower his Cholesterol! Scary!The Doctor wanted to put him on medication.There is a time and a place for medication, and this wasn’t it! 

We want our Healthy Lifestyle – Rick likes his golf, and I like to train for Sprint Triathlons, ½ Marathons and kayaking. Being sick doesn’t fit in!  Rick, who doesn’t “rush” into change, found that by using the Shaklee nutritional products, modification of his diet (oatmeal) and more exercise (walking the dog AND golf) he  lowered his Cholesterol 30 points! His Doctor was suggesting medication!

We told our friend about Rick’s story, and she lowered her Cholesterol!  In fact, her Doctor told her to keep doing what she was doing!Isn’t that something we all want to hear our Doctor say? Especially as we age?

We are looking for people who, like us, want to continue with their active lifestyle, to recover/renew quickly and to generate enough income to be able to afford to play! If you know of someone we are describing, or if we are describing you, please give us a call so we can talk about if this is a good fit for you.  


Not sure where to start with boosting your Nutrition?

Start here, with Me+Ology. A quick 5-minute assessment you do on your phone. This gives us an idea about the most important nutrients your body needs to supplement.

We are looking for a person who is smart, who can see the big picture, and who wants to have a healthy lifestyle.

 Makes sense, right?

​Then we ​ have a zoom chat about what would benefit you, starting from where you are, and what the outcomes are that you want. ​ ​ Not local, no problem we use Zoom & ​ Facetime.

Now that we are all inside more, are you looking for safe cleaners, that you and your family can safely breathe?

We have you covered! Green Cleaners that actually work AND are safe for you,  and the environment!

 Contact us to set up a FREE Green Consult. Not local, no problem we use Zoom and Facetime.

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Thank you for stopping by!

Robin and Rick